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Losing and sustaining weight loss can have a major benefit to your overall wellbeing, prevention of long term health issues, improve your self-esteem, mental health and so much more! Whether your incentive is an upcoming wedding, planning a pregnancy, going for your dream holiday or improving your blood test results, with the right help you can do it! Why hesitate?
Weight loss sessions can steer you in the right direction with healthy eating and lifestyle. Get in touch today and start taking control of your life with an individualised meal plan, great tools and techniques.

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Penny has extensive experience with working with clients who have diagnosed or undiagnosed eating disorders. She currently works in a specialist eating disorders unit for adult patients. She has a compassionate approach and will aim to work alongside your individual goals while making evidence-based recommendations.

The sessions will include a mixture of nutrition counselling and behavioural interventions to help you reframe your ED mindset but also to start challenging the negative thoughts and distorted beliefs which are maintaining your dysfunctional relationship with food.

If you decide to follow up with us we have discounted packages, which would run over an agreed time period. You will get the option for a support email in between sessions. In some cases, your GP or Consultant Psychiatrist will need to be contacted before and/or after your initial consultation. Your permission will be sought in advance unless there is an immediate clinical risk. 

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If you feel low in energy, concentration, you have poor performance at work or at the gym, or simply struggling to keep up with a busy lifestyle, it may be worth taking a closer look at your eating habits. 

A nutritional assessment can identify potential deficiencies, as well as reveal eating habits that may negatively impact on your overall health. 

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The right nutrition is crucial in order to compliment any type of exercise you do. A dietetic session can help you devise a nutrition plan tailored to your training load and volume.