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Dietetic services


Sessions are currently available remotely. Get in touch for more information or book online.

We are delighted to announce that face to face appointments will be available in Glasgow very soon! Please contact Penny for more information.

Weight Management 

Advice from a specialist dietitian can help you achieve your weight loss goals and maintain your desired weight long term. Click here for more information or schedule a session

Disordered Eating 

 If you think you have symptoms or already know that you have an eating disorder, a specialist dietitian can help you restore your relationship with food. Click here for more information or schedule a session

Health check 

If you would like to see how nutritional therapy can support your performance at work, daily routine, during a busy lifestyle, book a session now. More information here or book a session now

Sports nutrition

If you would like to optimise your performance during exercise, book a dietetic assessment. More information here.

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