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Welcome to NutrEat!


Penny has been a qualified dietitian since 2011. 

She currently works as a Specialist Eating Disorders Dietitian as well as a freelance dietitian. 


Penny enjoys increasing health awareness and improving people’s wellbeing, taking into account their individual needs. She can help you learn more about how balanced eating can make a huge difference in our health and quality of life.

Penny can help you with:

Penny can also offer nutritional advice for organisations as part of their corporate wellbeing events and for other organisations, such as charities, sports centres etc. Please go to the contact section to enquire or email NutrEat. 

Book an appointment and start your journey to better nutrition, health and wellbeing! If you are not sure yet how a dietitian can help you, but you’d like to find out, just get in touch!


Penny is a HCPC registered Dietician and holds a BSc in Human Nutrition and Dietetics (Harokopeio University, Athens), a MSc in Human Nutrition with specialization in obesity and weight management (Glasgow University), and a PG Cert in Eating Disorders (Leeds Beckett University). Penny is also a member of professional specialist groups on Obesity, Mental Health and Diabetes and regularly attends events for continuous professional development. 

NutrEat is also on social media! If you would like to be updated on the latest evidenced-based nutritional guidelines,  discussions around certain food and diets, delicious recipes and much more follow @nutreatglasgow on Facebook and/or Instagram! 

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