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Penny has extensive experience with working with clients who have diagnosed or undiagnosed eating disorders. After working in an adults specialist eating disorders clinic, she currently works with outpatient adults and children. She has a compassionate approach and will aim to work alongside your individual goals while making evidence-based recommendations.

The sessions will include a mixture of nutrition counselling and behavioural interventions to help you reframe your ED mindset but also to start challenging the negative thoughts and distorted beliefs which are maintaining your dysfunctional relationship with food. Sessions include nutrition psychoeducation, cognitive restructuring with behavioural experiments, realistic goal setting, relapse prevention, shifting motivation in times of ambivalence for recovery, resource sharing, and lots more depending on what you need. Penny is also trained in guided self help treatment, which is classified as the first line intervention for bulimia nervosa and binge eating disorder and is delivered over 7 sessions. 

For younger people, Penny will most likely involve their family members, to ensure evidence based treatment. Involving your loved ones in the treatment process can be extremely helpful for adults as well, read more here

Packages are available which include support in between sessions via email or food monitoring apps (non calorie focused). Depending on your individual requirements, your dietitian will be working alongside your GP, therapist or psychiatrist, to ensure a holistic intervention with high rates of success (with your permission, unless there is an immediate clinical risk). 

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