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Our body and mind has an amazing ability to repair itself when given the right nutrition. However, implementing dietary changes is a big commitment and does require a lot of willpower and pre-planning; it is, therefore, important to have the right support from a dietitian to help you reach your goals. 

NutrEat aims to support you with achieving your health goals by showing you how to simplify key nutrition messages through easy recipes and tips. 

One of NutrEat's primary values is to establish a positive relationship with food, without restrictive eating or fad diets.

If you would are interested in

  • improving your diet

  • weight loss

  • dealing with an eating disorder

  • or if you have any nutrition concern,

a dietetic session is guaranteed to help you with this. 

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Studio 70  

 70 Victoria Road

 Glasgow G41 7AA


​Our aim in NutrEat is to equip you with the right skills and confidence to progress and maintain a healthy lifestyle. We offer evidence-based nutritional advice to our clients by taking into account their individual needs and personal characteristics, as everyone is different. NutrEat is a Nutrition and Dietetics Company. We offer nutritional assessment, meal plan, individualised diet advice and tips for a range of clinical conditions. 

Our dietician has extensive educational and working experience on weight loss and weight management (overweight, obesity), eating disorders (anorexia, bulimia, binge eating disorder, atypical anorexia, and disordered eating issues without a specific diagnosis such as comfort eating, stress eating, night eating syndrome, overeating etc), sports nutrition (and generally eating the right diet for regular exercise), eating under a tight schedule etc. We also advice for conditions such as IBS, type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol, or for general nutrition concerns, for example vegetarian or vegan diet, pre-conception, fertility issues, post conception.

We also deliver nutrition workshops for companies, fitness studios, with topics including food and mood, healthy eating under a busy lifestyle, healthy eating and exercise, diet and immune system, diet and energy levels, 

Appointments are available at the following locations:

  • Studio 70 Yoga in the South Side of Glasgow, 70 Victoria Road, Glasgow G41 7AA) on Mondays. Studio 70 Yoga is close to the Tramway theatre, Pollokshields East Train Station and Govanhill Park.

  • Acusports (also known as the Fitzroy Clinic) in the West End of Glasgow, in Finnieston (9A Fitzroy Pl, Glasgow G3 7RH) Acusports is located close to the M8, Charing Cross and Exhibition Centre train stations. 

  • Online or telephone dietetic appointments are also available at a reduced rate-please contact us for details.


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